Mergers and Acquisitions

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In today’s marketplace, proper planning and execution is crucial; there is more to a successful M&A transaction than just closing the deal. The right deal, on the right terms, with the proper transition is key. This mindset drives the M&A professionals at Lee & Nieda to understand your objectives and design practical accounting and tax solutions to deliver strategic results for your deals.

Whether you are facing a purchase, reorganization, joint venture, divestiture, spinoff, or buyout, our team will help you navigate the accounting and tax complexities you will encounter. We will guide you through deal strategy, financial and tax due diligence, and post-closing integration.

We will also help you identify the most tax-efficient structure to facilitate your deal, enabling you to maximize value and minimize risk. Our team will work closely with you to analyze the tax implications of asset versus stock purchases and ensure you properly steer through the complexities of state and foreign tax issues. We want you to maximize the net after-tax cash flows from the deal.

Our M&A professionals will deliver these accounting and tax services with a consistent, client-centered focus, ensuring effective communication throughout the deal process.

We offer a full range of M&A support, including:

Financial and Tax Due Diligence

Sales and Purchase Agreement Reviews

M&A Accounting

Integration Planning and Execution

Business Plan Reviews

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